Artwork Specifications

Our in-house design team provide free virtual artworks prior to ordering products so you can be sure you are receiving the perfect product.

File formats explained

When submitting your logo and artwork files, our preferred format is either an Ai (Adobe Illustrator), EPS or PDF file which enables us to simply drag and drop our logo on to our hand tailored product templates. This is the fastest way to receive your free virtual sample. These formats contain vector images created entirely in digital form which enable us to resize to any specification while still keeping 100% print quality.

If you are unable to locate these files, the next best format is either a PNG, JPG or PSD file. These enable our skilled designers to recreate your artwork by hand using Adobe Illustrator to transform the image to a fully digital, print ready vector image.

Although they do offer an easy way for clients to show their ideas to us, Word and GIF files are to be used only as a last resort as they offer the lowest resolution and take more time to faithfully recreate in vector form.


Vector graphics explained

If you have a website you can direct us towards it and our designers will create something great using your logo colours with any ideas you may have.

With all files, be sure to embed all images needed and to outline all of your fonts, as fonts are only available to those who have them installed and if we don't own them, a placeholder font is used.

When we print your brand or logo design on promotional items we usually use a pre-production artwork that shows the design to be printed on the item.

This is in the form of "Vector" graphics which are scalable and can be moved and re sized according to art requirements and the printable area of the promotional product without quality loss or distortion. The image below shows a logo being scaled and designed for manufacturing.