Think back to the last time you received a promotional item. Was it a boring old pen with the companies name printed on it?

This kind of item tends to end up in the back of a drawer somewhere. If you're looking for school promotional items, don't make the same mistake. Step away from tradition and come into the age of technology! A great school promotional item is a USB drive. It's not only a cool gift to hand out, but it's also an extremely practical item for students.

Read on to find out more about USB promotional items that'll make you the envy of every other school in the area. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

The Best School Promotional Items

With 94% of kids having access to a computer at home, it's no surprise that one of the best school promotional items to give to students is a USB drive.

So why not buy wholesale USB flash drives in bulk and customize them with the school's logo or mascot?

Here are a few simple reasons why USB flash drives are a great idea:

Students Can Manage their Class Work

Students can store class notes, the school's curriculum, homework assignments and more into a USB flash drive. This will help them to manage their class work in a more convenient and modern way.

A Great Gift for Graduates

When students are graduating from school, a USB drive is a great gift to assist them in their further education. You could preload a digital yearbook, alumni news, donation information, and event schedules to help them keep in touch after they leave.

A Handy Device for Teachers

Long gone are the days of teachers carrying around a briefcase full of papers. In this modern age, a well-equipped teacher will most likely have all the information they need on a laptop. A USB flash drive will be a helpful device for a teacher to use when transferring files to the school's computers.

Eyecatching for Recruiting New Students

Eyecatching USB drives customized with your school's logo are great for advertising. This is an excellent way to recruit college or university students. Prospective students will no doubt be impressed by your choice of modern promotional item and be more inclined to apply to your school.

You could preload the drive with enrollment forms, promotional videos, school maps, and presentations.

For Fund Raising

USB flash drives are also very useful for fundraising groups, school clubs, and associations.

It's clear to see that a USB flash drive is an awesome gift to hand out to students. USB flash drives can come in a bucketload of fun shapes, sizes, and designs. Check out these 5 cool ideas below.

1. The Humble Pen

For many years, the humble pen was the most commonly used promotional product on the market. But now it's had an upgrade. The combination of a pen and a USB drive is a useful tool for students to have on hand.

If you want to step further into the digital age, you can even get stylus pens instead of a regular pen. They can be used for iPads, iPods, tablets and smartphones.

A USB pen with the school's logo or an inspirational message engraved on it will be a great motivation for students throughout the year.

2. The Handy Lanyard

You may use Lanyards in your school or college as a form of identification. Instead of handing out a plain one, why not try a USB lanyard instead?

The genius combination of a lanyard and USB drive can be used all year round. If your students wear them on the journey too and from school, it will act as a continuous advertising strategy throughout the school year.

The lanyard strap can come in a variety of colours, and can even be printed with a full-colour photo. Logos, messages and quotes can also be branded onto the strap.

3. The Smart Alec

According to research, 95% of teens have access to a smartphone. This means, giving a USB drive that can connect to their smartphone will be even more practical.

You can now buy a range of Smart USB drives that are made to fit most modern smartphones. This practical gift will be well used by both students and teachers.

4. The Statement Band

Kids and teens are forever losing things, but a wristband with an internal USB can never be misplaced.

Carry data, files, documents and more in a safe and secure wristband. With such a variety of colours and designs available, all the kids will enjoy wearing them. As far as school promotional items go, this is a pretty cool one!

You can have the school logo, school colours, famous quotes or more embossed both inside and outside the hypoallergenic silicone band.

5. The Novelty Prize

Of course, school kids and teens all love a novelty. So why not give them a cool USB pen with a fun twist.

For instance, a USB figurine to promote your school. You could dress him in the schools uniform, or he could be dressed similarly to your school's mascot. Either way, they'll love the "Lego" style USB drive.

Another option could be a puzzle style USB drive. A puzzle card or a twisting puzzle cube with internal USB drives are both fun ways to promote your school. The kids will love messing around with them, and the fun aspect will give your students positive vibes.

USB Promotional Items for Schools and More

As you can see, there are several innovative types of USB promotional items that you could use to advertise your school.

Get ahead of the competition by stepping out of the norm and handing out promotional items that are actually useful and interesting. You'll not only put your school on the map, but you'll also give the kids something practical to use throughout the school year.

It's not just schools that we cater for. Check out our diverse range of wholesale USB flash drives for any occasion. Contact us with your design ideas and we'll create a custom order just for you!