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8 Unique Uses For A Flash Drive

8 Unique Uses For A Flash Drive

Did you know that flash drives are still in high demands?

Even with the advent of cloud saving and high storage micro SD cards, a traditional USB flash drive is still the storage stick of choice. Its global market continues to grow as it's expected to sell around $56.76 billion dollars this year and grow to a $64 billion market by 2021. Most people prefer using it to store their data and information. However, you can learn how to use a USB flash drive for other purposes.

Not sure what other ways you can use your flash drive? Read on if you want to know other unique uses for your device:

Lock and Unlock Your Computer

The best USB drive on the market is capable of becoming a key. Very often, people use pen USB flash drives for this because of their straightforward design.

When you plug it in, it unlocks your computer without a hitch. When you remove the device, your computer gets locked and no one else can access it through the use of conventional methods.

When people try accessing your desktop unit without the key or the top-secret password you placed as a backup, they will receive the "ACCESS DENIED" message. It's a great way of protecting your PC from unwanted people gaining access to your precious files.

Take Apps With You

Running an entire OS is a daunting task when you're using a flash drive. A good use of cheap USB drives is to store the bulk of your apps. What this does for your desktop is to ensure that the main hard drive doesn't get cluttered with apps and slow down its processing power.

This also allows you to give your apps and files a certain degree of portability. You can take them wherever you go and access them with any PC you encounter at your destination. It's often easier to pocket a USB stick than lug a laptop around.

Clean Up Viruses

There is some malware out there that make it really hard for you to remove them. The more advanced ones take a lot of steps to ensure that they're more resilient to the most common removal techniques around, and some have the capability to stop you from connecting to the internet or even getting into your desktop.

Now, you might be asking, "how to use a flash drive in this situation?" The answer is that you can load it with antivirus software and make it a portable tool to remove viruses since there are a lot of good free antivirus tools you can download so make use of it and your portable flash drive.

Create a Recovery Drive

There are some computer problems out there that will make you panic. Out of these, you'll experience fear the most when your device refuses to boot up. However, you can use your flash drive as a recovery device to get your Windows machine up and running again. This is a problem we have addressed in a previous blog, if you would like how to create a recovery drive, or like more information on what a recovery drive is and how to use them, please have a read of this: How To Back Up your Data On A USB Drive

Give a System Speed Boost

Windows has a technology called ReadyBoost available for all users, which uses a flash drive as a disk cache to boost your read and write speed rates. It isn't that used on modern systems, but if you have an older Windows desktop or laptop, you'll see a great rate of performance with this.

It's easy once you pop in your drive since all you need is to click on its Properties. There's a ReadyBoost tab where you need to follow instructions to prepare it. Take note that there might be incompatibilities, but if there's none, you can feel speed benefits as long as it's plugged in.

6. Browse the Web Safely

When you run apps or an OS from a USB stick, you can clean up your online presence while browsing the regular web. You might even have the capability to browse the deep web as long as you install something like the Tails OS. It's an incognito system that erases your activity once you pull flash drive out.

Give It as a Last-Minute Gift


If you love procrastinating, you might not have enough time to buy gifts for whatever celebration you might attend.

However, you can actually get flash drives and use them as a thoughtful gift within a few hours.

After all, no one hates getting a USB flash drive so use that to your advantage and never worry about thinking of a more thoughtful gift again.

Install Windows on a MacBook

There are times when you want to access a Windows operating system on your MacBook. If you want to gain access to both the OS X and Windows, use a flash drive as a means of installing the latter on your MacBook device. It's a good way to work around its lack of optical drive when you want to install a Windows system and juggle between the two.

Learn How to Use a USB Flash Drive Today!

While you might already use your flash drive in some of these ways, you can always try out the ones you haven't yet.

There are always new ways of how to use a USB flash drive as technology progresses. Don't hesitate to experiment and find more benefits from your flash drive wherever you might be.

This goes to your older USB flash drive devices. You can always repurpose them once you start using newer ones with higher disk space. Ensure that you clean them out first and that they're virus-free before you even consider using them for a different purpose.

Do you need to get a new USB flash drive today? Contact us today and we'll help you get one that suits your requirements. Purchase the perfect usb for your clients or staff at wholesale volumes.

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