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How To Use Branded Giveaways To Market Your Business

How To Use Branded Giveaways To Market Your Business

Considering investing in a few marketing products to help promote your brand but aren't sure if it's worth it?

You're not alone. In fact, if you're like most companies out there, the sheer volume of branded items to choose from might make your head spin.

But choosing a promotional product doesn't have to be such a challenge. All it takes is a little bit of research to ensure you're choosing the best product for your customers. Keep in mind that 83 percent of folks who receive a promotional product are more likely to do business with you too.

Pretty spectacular stats, right? So don't delay the process for gaining and retaining more customers and clients. Learn more about how to use promo item ideas to your advantage with our helpful tips below.

How to Use Branded Marketing Products

Making the decision to use branded marketing products is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are you able to give a product to potential customers, but seeing your brand name on a daily basis will keep your business' name in the forefront of their minds.

A few things to keep in mind when creating the perfect promotional marketing product are who your customers are and what they will use. For starters, get to know your target audience.

Zero in on Your Target Audience

Take your time doing research on your target audience and get to know who they are and what makes them tick. The goal should be to give them something that interests them. In turn, this means your money is well invested and put to good use.

Don't rush into buying just any old promotional marketing products. Gather information and use it to build connections with your future and current customers and clients.

Use Logos to Bump Up Brand Recognition

If you've already got a great logo for your product or company, by all means, go ahead and put it on those promotional products. There's nothing better than keeping your brand's recognizable logo front row and center in your customer's line of vision.

And if you have not yet decided on a logo, it's perfectly fine to take your time developing it with a graphic designer. The idea is to use the logo to continue to tell your brand's story and remain memorable in your customers' minds.

Map Out Your Goals

Giving away promotional items is a great way to draw attention to your brand, but there should be more to it than just freebies at a farmer's market. Working on a marketing plan strategy should be your primary goal when it comes to promo items.

Consider what the company goals are by giving away these items. Do you want to get more likes on Instagram? Are you planning a social media contest with the items to create more audience engagement? The point is to create a defined goal and help your team meet that goal with the help of the promotional items.

Donate Promotional Items to Charities

If you have an abundance of promotional items you believe a charity or nonprofit organization would benefit from having, donate them immediately. Nothing says you care about your community more than providing items that could ultimately help people in need.

Whether it's donating shopping bags to residents of a retirement home or pens and pencils to an elementary school, the sky's the limit. As long as you donate from your heart, your intentions will be known.

Build Loyalty With A Call to Action

Take giving away marketing products one step further and encourage your customers to have a fun and interactive experience. Have them take photos of themselves with the product and post it on social media with a fun hashtag. Or create a unique ongoing social media campaign to drum up engagement and give your audience something to look forward to.

10 Most Popular Types of Branded Giveaways

Choosing a promo item can be a fun process, filled with opportunities to tell your brand's story. Below you'll find some of the more popular giveaway items to choose from.


T-shirt giveaways are a great way to commemorate an event and will likely be an economically sound choice. Not only are t-shirts easy to design and create, but they will get lots of use over the years. If you would like custom branded t-shirts, look no further 

Flash Drive

Flash drives are a wonderfully useful item to give away at your next event. To personalize it even more, include a lanyard with your logo or tagline.

Stress Ball

Stress balls offer a positive message associated with your product or business, as well as being inexpensive to manufacture. Pick colors associated with your business logo for a fun look.


A keychain with a logo is one of the most classic promotional items around. Put them in a bowl at your cash register or give one to your customers during your anniversary to say thanks!

Reusable Shopping Bag

This is one of the more popular items to give away that is truly useful. It's also a great eco-friendly message to share, especially for companies that are going green.


Another classic marketing promotional item is the calendar. There are several options for all of your needs: magnet calendars, one-page calendars, photo calendars, calendars with coupons... the choices are endless. There is no limit to the type of marketing you can provide that will engage your customers and have them regularly returning to your business.


Who doesn't need a pen in their lives? By using a pen to market your business, you're sharing your branding message on a regular basis. In turn, your company will be in your customer's minds and inspire them to return to your business.


Hats are a great one-size-fits-all way to share your marketing message. Besides their functionality, hats are also considered to be a more quality item to receive in a giveaway.

Beach Towel

Beach towels are the perfect promotional item to share with your loyal customers for a seasonal giveaway. You can have your logo stitched in a small area of the towel or screenprint a personalized design or message for a fun and fresh look.

Mouse Pad

Not everyone is comfortable using the trackpad on their computer. For many, using a mousepad with their computer is an old-fashioned but useful device that makes their lives easier. And with your branding message on the mousepad, you're sure to let your customers know you're thinking of their needs.

Get In Touch When You're Ready For A Great Marketing Product

Choosing the perfect marketing products to promote your business should be an exciting process. Remember to take your time and select something both memorable and functional.

Reach out today and let us know how we can help you reach your promotional product goals!

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