USB Wood Classic Rounded

Featuring a classic wooden design with rounded edges, this USB is great for making a statement. With available custom logo printing or heat stamping, this USB will make your business stand out from the crowd!

  • Natural wooden finish with rounded edges
  • Custom branding available
  • Capped design for USB protection
  • 10 year chip warranty
  • Data services available (see below)
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Single Side
Double Side
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  • Rush Service
    5 Days*
  • Minimum Order
  • Artwork Design
    100% Free
  • Chip Warranty
    10 Years

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See below for available branding areas.

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More Information

Branding Options

Wood rounded USB branding area

Branding Area Front

Size: 30mm x 10mm

Wood rounded USB branding area

Branding Area Back

Size: 30mm x 10mm

Print Up To 3 Colours

Pad printing is available for designs with up to 3 colours and offers very high quality and durable printing, as well as the ability to Pantone match colours in your logo.


Full Colour Transfer

Digital full colour transfer printing allows the replication of highly detailed and colourful images onto your flash drives. It also allows the printing of gradients and even photorealistic images onto your USB drives.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving permanently inscribes your logo or design into the casing of your flash drives, adding style, texture and depth to your flash drives. It is suitable for selected logos and emblems.

Deep Etching

Deep etching permanently etches your logo into your USBs, creating a textured 3D effect on the surface for a distinguished look.


10 Year Chip Warranty

All of our USB drives come with a limited, 10 year warranty against chip failure. Certain conditions apply and need to be taken into consideration including power surges or incorrect use of the USB. We do however guarantee that our chips and components are premium quality, made to last and operate at true speeds.

Grade A Tier 1 Chips

We only use the best quality chips in our USB drives to prevent data loss, read/write errors and formatting issues. Many other suppliers will downgrade their chip level to lower costs however we are focused on providing the best quality while maintaining a highly affordable product offering.

Superior Components

We offer the best quality chips from the most trusted chip manufacturers including Samsung, Hynix and Toshiba.

Chip Manufacturers

Tested Over 500,000 Read/Write Cycles

For customers that rely on these items to transfer critical data over a long period of time we have tested our USB drives rigorously and achieved a benchmark of 500,000 read/write cycles so that you get the most from your flash drives without worrying about data consistency or read/write issues during day to day use.

USB Data Services

Data Pre-Loading

It is almost essential to pre load your usb drives with data such as a company brochure in PDF format.

Pre loading is also a brilliant option for presenting video and audio to clients or potential customers. We can preload absolutely any file type to your USB drives prior to delivery.

Encryption & Password Lock

Protected data is becoming more and more of a requirement with USB and electronic data storage devices.

We can encrypt your data onto the usb drives using the 256bit encryption key. *Data encryption is only available on certain usb models.

Custom Drive Icon

We can create a custom icon for your usb drives. This is shown on the volume/drive when opened in My Computer (or Finder).

This ads an extra special touch to your custom made usb drives. Icon creation is totally free by our graphic design department.

Data Locking / Delete Protection

Prevent certain files and folders being deleted or removed from your usb drives. Protected data is essential when using your USB Drives for advertising or marketing material.

Important files become "read only" and cannot be removed from the drive ever.

Custom Volume Name

Its important that people know which drive to open when looking for your promotional usb drive on their device.

We can custom name the volume of your usb drives to anything up to 11 characters long. This fully functions on all PC and Apple devices.

Data Pre-Loading

Using the autorun command we can set your usb drives up to auto load a website when the drive is plugged into the users PC.

We can also load entire websites onto our usb drives for local accessing without the need for an internet connection.

USB Capacity Information

Below is a rough guideline of possible file carriage for each capacity that we offer. Please note that these are approximate values only and certain factors such as video compression, audio bit rating and photo size will affect your data carrying capability.

If you would like files pre-loaded to your drives at the time of manufacture then this is a service that we provide, just ask us and we will be happy to provide a recommendation on the best USB capacity to suit your needs. *The below USB capacity listings are for our most popular sizes, we also offer smaller and larger capacity options on request.


USB Capacity